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1998 - KESH sha - Power Generation Division - Project terms design of new control and monitoring systems for Fierza & Vau Dejes hydro power plants in Drin River cascade
(DRCRP-8). The project was signed with Alstom Power Hydro, France on May 2000 (Contract DRCRP-8 CMS). The project was financed by EBRD Bank. New Load Frequency Contol
system LFC is also contracted to be installed in Vau Dejes HPP under this Contract.

2001 - KESH sha - RMU - Project terms design of control and monitoring system for Bistrica I & II hydro power plants in Bistrica River and Saranda Substation Control System
(BiSaBu). The project was financed by KfW Bank.

2003 - SGA sha & Spahiu-Gjanc shpk - Feasibility study for the rehabilitation of SHPP Gjanc 2.5MW - Korca

2003 - KESH sha - Power Generation Division -Technical design for Drin River Cascade Hydrology Data Network

2004 - SGA sha & Spahiu - Gjanc shpk -Rehabilitation & upgrade feasibility study of SHPP Lanabregas 9MW - Tirana

2005 - KESH sha - Distribution Division - A proposal of Prepayment Metering System in Albania - study and design of the technical specifications and the terms of reference.

2006 - KESH sha -New Data Digital Archive System for technical documentation and electrical schematic diagrams & drawings.

2006 - KESH sha - Power Generation Division / Dams Department - Technical reference terms and design of Dams Instrumentation & Monitoring, Civil & Hydromechanical works
and emergency terms of Fierza, Komani, Vau Dejes, Ulza & Shkopet HPPs.

2006 - ANDRITZ HYDRO - The proposal prefeasibility study to build the new hydroomatrix power plants Spathara-20MW, Ashta-30MW & Buna-18MW at downstream of Drin River, with
a capacity of 68MW and the average annual power generation of 350GWh.

2007 - DEKLIADA - ALB shpk - The feasibility study of SHPP Curraj-7MW, Curraj 1-13MW, Curraj 2-13MW, Curraj-30MW, Gjonpepaj-9MW, Lekbibaj-2MW, Benca Sipeme-4MW,
Benca-4MW, Lekdushaj-2.7MW, etc.

2007 - IRIDE ACQUA GAS SPA - Vlora 3 - Innovative improvement of current wast water treatment plant (004/Valona/9-07 4July2007).

2007 - GEO-Pressure powe plant - The technical terms proposal of the alternative electricity power generation "Geo-pressured plant" in Albania.

2008 - GJO-SPA Power shpk - The feasibility study of SHPP Lapaj-12.6MW.

2008 - OJQ SEDA Tirane - Pollution Remediation at Ballshi Oil Refinery, Phase II in Albania (EuropeAid/125532/C/SUP/AL).

2009 - AKBN - National Natural Sources Agency of Albania - Potencial alternative energy sources recommendations and the assessment of oil and gas sources in Albania conform
to EU Standards.

2009 - Genc Myftiu Consulting - Environmental clean-up and the disposal of hazardious waste inthe selected Hot spot in Rubik city in Albania (EuropeAid/125617/LAVKS/AL-LOT2

2010 - Agriculture Transfert Technology Center - The economical and the technical efficiency of the use of biogas for the energy generation in Ramilli 04 Biofarm Sukth in Albania.

2011 - The potential hydroenergetic assessment of a river in Albania with a monthly discharge flow estimation module - MSc Thesis in CEE Renewable Energy of Wien
University of Technology.

2014 - CSE Engineer - The potential hydroenergetic assessment of Vjosa river cascade 360MW with annual genertion of 1.75TWh

2014 - CSE Engineer - The potential hydroenergetic assessment of small hydro power plants - Prekal SHPP - 15MW, Murrash SHPP - 8MW and Cuka SHPP - 3MW.

2014 - Control System Engineer - The potential small landfill gas power plants - Durres municipal landfill - 2MW and Elbasan municipal landfill - 1MW.

2015 - Wien University of Technology - European Flood Database facilitating comprehensive flood research

2015 - GJO-SPA Power shpk - The Financial Risk Assessment Study of SHPP Grabova -29.5MW

2016 - CSE Engineer & ID2 Energy - Electricity Smart Metering System for the Distribution System Operator

2016 - ENERGIEPARK Austria - RES Capacity Estimation in Albania

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